Google’s new Cardboard app will turn your phone into a 3D virtual reality camera

Virtual reality is finally here to stay, and Google Cardboard is one of the most prominent platforms bringing the technology to the masses. Now the company is making it a easier to create your own VR content with a new Cardboard Camera app.

The app, currently only available for Android, works a lot like Google’s photo spheres; you move your phone around in a spherical pattern to capture the entirety of the surrounding landscape.


However, it has an extra trick up its sleeve: 3D. Using some fancy wizardry in its panorama stitching, Google provides slightly different views for each eye, adding depth to the image so near things look near and far things look far.

It should make for a much more realistic image than a simple 360-degree stitch. And if you want to add another dimension, you can record sound along with your still too.

Cardboard Camera is available from the Play Store now. No word on iOS support, but we imagine it’s only a matter of time.

Step inside your photos with Cardboard Camera [Google Official Blog | Android]

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