Snap for Android lets you access your widgets from any app

Snap for Android lets you access your widgets from any app
Credit: ZippyPixels

I’m a big fan of Android apps that let you add shortcuts to commonly used functions and settings, because they help you save time and make it easy to multitask on your device.

Snap is another tool that fits the bill: it adds widgets to a special drawer in your Notifications bar so you can access them from within any other app.

Adding widgets to Snap works just the same as with your home screen: choose a widget, configure how much space it will take up, and you’re good to go.

To access them, swipe down on the right hand side of the Notifications bar, and scroll through them using two fingers. You can change the activation area to the center or left if you prefer.

I like using Snap not only to make essential widgets like my calendar and notes easily accessible, but also to reduce clutter on my home screen so I can enjoy my wallpapers. Plus, it works on my lock screen, which makes it easy to quickly check to-dos.

The app lets you add up to three widgets for free; you can unlock unlimited slots with a $2 in-app purchase.

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