Vine update brings Apple Watch app and ‘swipe left’ gesture for finding videos you like

Vine update brings Apple Watch app and ‘swipe left’ gesture for finding videos you like

Vine’s latest update lets you swipe left to find similar content to what you’re already watching, and even lets you view video from your favorite accounts on an Apple Watch.

It’s an iteration on Vine’s suggestion engine introduced in October but, in my experience, it’s pretty fussy. I’m not sure what someone wearing a VR headset has to do with dancing Shiba Inus.


Vine is also on the Apple Watch, now. Two feeds — favorites and featured — let you see vines the app wants to surface, and those from accounts you’ve tagged as favorites. Vines won’t autoplay as they do in the iOS app, though; you’ve got to tap on them first, then they loop, sound and all. If you’re a creator, a Vine glance will tell you how many loops your videos have had.

The goal is finding and accessing content you like, but it needs work. I’m not convinced I want to watch Vines on my Apple Watch, and the suggestions for similar vines in the iOS app are a bit off-base.

Expect another update coming soon, though — Vine left their debug icon floating in the app.

New ways to discover and watch Vines [Vine]

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