Stribr: A new tool to manage all of your Instagram needs

Stribr: A new tool to manage all of your Instagram needs

Instagram is one of the best platforms for brands and individuals to promote themselves. That’s why the number of tools available to up your stats is rising by the day, especially as it continues to integrate more of Facebook’s ad functionalities.

One of those new tools is Stribr – an all-round management dashboard that can handle multiple accounts at once, as well as search and monitoring of hashtags, follower numbers and analytics. Its creators have also told TNW that they will be adding a scheduling function soon.

The idea for the product came when its creators realized they were using separate tools for things like analytics and monitoring hashtags.

There are three different tiers on Stribr, so it’s as suitable for individual users (well, maybe bloggers) as it is for businesses.

Each tier can manage up to five accounts. The prices below are for one account; these multiply depending on the number you want to manage.

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 16.34.14

One thing that struck me about the platform is that it’s limited to managing five accounts right now, even if you choose to go for the highest tier option (Brand). That may be restricting for larger brands or marketing companies.

Stribr’s creators have told TNW that it is possible to add more than five accounts, but they have kept it to this number while the platform’s in beta.

Meawhile, third-party apps with access to Instagram have come under scrutiny recently as InstaAgent was outed for reportedly saving users’ login details and remotely accessing people’s accounts without their knowledge.

Instagram responded by limiting the access developers get to its API and implementing a new review process that apps will have to undergo before getting access to the API. That process will start on December 3 for all new apps and any existing apps will need to re-submitted by June 2016 for assessment.

Stribr doesn’t appear to be at risk of losing its access though. Its creators say it was approved by Instagram 6 months ago (but will still be re-assessed by June 2016) and because Stribr doesn’t rely on Instgram’s feed API for functionality, they’re happy there won’t be any issues.

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