Dropbox adds annotations to Web previews for quicker feedback

Dropbox adds annotations to Web previews for quicker feedback

Working on a project with multiple people in different locations can be a hassle, so Dropbox wants to make it easy for people to provide feedback on documents on the Web with annotations.

They’re basically a more powerful version of commenting – point and click on the specific area of note in a document, and a text box will appear for you to write your feedback. Alternatively, you can drag a rectangle over an entire piece of a document you mean to reference.

If you’re the person receiving feedback, you can click on an annotation from the comments sidebar to jump quickly to the right spot in a document – allowing you to quickly understand the context around a comment. The annotations are kept across document revisions, too.

Annotations are available to “almost all file types that have previews on dropbox.com,” including PDFs, Word docs, Photoshop files and more.

The feature is currently only activate for users in the Dropbox early access program, but that means it’s only a matter of time until it rolls out to the rest of users. Likewise, it currently only works on the Web, but will likely arrive on mobile sooner or later.

Annotate your docs for faster-than-email feedback [ExampleSource]

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