MetroPCS’ new music streaming service won’t devour your data

MetroPCS’ new music streaming service won’t devour your data

MetroPCS, the T-Mobile owned prepaid wireless service, has revealed that it’s launching a new streaming option called Music Unlimited.

The new service will be available from November 19 and will let you stream from various platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music among others, without going over your data cap.

How? Well, MetroPCS simply doesn’t count the data used through its Music Unlimited service towards your monthly allowance.

T-Mobile offers its own version of the service called Music Freedom, so it’s not surprising that MetroPCS is following in its parent company’s footsteps.

Music Unlimited will be available to anyone on a $40 or higher plan and the carrier will be boosting its $40 and $50 plans with an additional 1GB of data and upping its tethering cap from 6GB to 8GB as well to coincide with the launch.

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