AppLovin releases SDK for AppleTV

AppLovin releases SDK for AppleTV

Last week, ad network AppLovin announced that it would release an SDK to bring content to the AppleTV. And today, the company announced via a blog post that it has launched that SDK.

Adam Foroughi, co-founder and CEO of AppLovin, told TNW that the SDK will look and feel very similar to the ads the company already offers on both mobile and tablet. But, importantly, there’s a strong focus on video.

“The ads have a commercial look and feel, and they’re also targeted,” he explained“Given those two things, we think it’s going to be a big hit with consumers. For the advertisers, obviously.”

The ads, which will begin displaying sometime later this month, will be 30 seconds or less and HD-quality. Foroughi said that AppLovin currently serves more than 20 percent of the top mobile apps, and the SDK will go out to the handful of those companies that already have tvOS apps available.

Credit: Apple

He added that the ads will support everything already available within AppLovin’s technology, including deep linking to the App store.

“The platform is very unified. All of the same things on the standard iOS platform will be supported,” Foroughi said. “There are really good implications in linking a user back into applications.”

The SDK is available today via AppLovin’s website.


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