Running late? You can ditch your car using London’s first on-demand valet

Running late? You can ditch your car using London’s first on-demand valet
Credit: Vallie

The UK’s first on-demand valet parking app Vallie has launched a pilot in central London.

You can ditch your car with one of Vallie’s drivers, who will arrive on foot scooter and take your ride to a nearby secure car park.

The driver then returns it to a place of your choosing within 20 minutes of you requesting it back.

Vallie offers a per-hour rate of £8 for its service, or £25 for a full day, which is almost £10 cheaper than booking a 24-hour slot in advance at a local NCP car park.


And if you end up leaving your car after closing time, the company has an additional rate of £15 for keeping it safe overnight.

Vallie drivers have all completed a parking test with the company, as well as passing a number of formal background checks.

They are all also insured for up to £100,000 damage to the car, as well as £10 million of third-party liability.

It’s no secret that London has among the worst congestion in Europe, as well as terrible parking, with one survey from sharing economy app JustPark finding it takes Londoners 20 minutes to spot a space.

This kind of service already exists in a few other major cities, with the likes of BMW investing in rival US-based valet firm Zirx.

The app is currently available on iOS, with an Android version set to launch in early 2016.

Vallie plans to open up to a wider area of London soon, as well as offering additional services, such as car washing and filling up on petrol.

Vallie [iOS]


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