Vivaldi’s Chrome alternative hits beta, adds new features

Vivaldi’s Chrome alternative hits beta, adds new features

Vivaldi, the alternative browser built by ex-Opera CEO Jon von Tetzchner, has graduated from alpha to beta today with its latest update.

The update delivers better extension support, Web panels for viewing websites as a sidebar and improved stability for users.

The company also hinted that it’s planning to build a lightweight email client called ‘M3’ into the browser in the near future.

The browser had been downloaded more than two million times during its technical preview phase and is aimed primarily at ‘power users.’

It offers a number of interesting features such as gesture control, tab layout options and easy tab recovery. It also supports Chrome’s extensions, since the browser uses Chromium technology under the hood.

Now, Tetzchner says that the beta means it’s a step closer to building “the best browser for people like us.”

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