Slack’s new slash commands let apps integrate as easy as /this

Slack’s new slash commands let apps integrate as easy as /this
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Slack’s been on a roll this week, overhauling the way group messages work and introducing custom profiles but it’s not done  yet.

A new feature for developers, custom slash commands, allow teams to integrate quick and easy commands for doing just about anything.

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If you’ve used Slack you’re probably familiar with /giphy, but now other developers can leverage these features too.

From today, you’ll be able to use commands like /lyft to order a car from Slack of /foursquare to find a lunch spot.

Any developer can tap into slash commands, which can be installed into teams through Slack’s new “add to Slack” button.

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The new API lets developer respond publicly to commands, up to five times in a row or within any thirty minutes. Images and text can be attached, and your slash command responses can sport your logo too.

Slash commands are available to developers from today and the updated documentation is available here. Launch partners include Lyft, Dribbble, Foursquare, Poncho and Blockspring.

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