Slack Stack: A handy directory of ways to do more with Slack

Slack Stack: A handy directory of ways to do more with Slack

One of the best things about workplace collaboration tool Slack is how many third-party developers have built integrations for it. You can control Spotify, share emails, manage your to-do list… There’s something for everyone.

The problem is that Slack doesn’t publish a comprehensive list of all the best integrations out there. So, the team at expense management startup Birdly have created Slack Stack, the best directory of Slack integrations that I’ve found so far.

The curated lists at Slack Stack cover analytics, bots, communities, developer tools and more. Birdly’s own Slack-based service gets a few plugs in there, but that can be forgiven seeing as they went to the effort to build this directory.

Hopefully the team will continue to add to Slack Stack to keep it fresh and useful. If you’re new to the service, don’t miss our ultimate guide to doing anything with Slack.

Slack Stack

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