Slack’s new user groups will help manage channel overload

Slack’s new user groups will help manage channel overload

Fresh off of introducing group direct messages, Slack is adding another feature to make it easy to communicate with multiple people: user groups.

Think of them as another structural layer; now you can choose to send notifications to all @engineers, @developers or @interns, for example, regardless of whether they work in exactly the same channels.

Moreover, Slack says the update will allow you to better organize teams. Members of a user group can be set to automatically join specific channels, so that your @developers will be automatically added to all relevant chats (ex. dev-iOS, dev-android, etc.).


Likewise, it could be used for smaller sets of users, such as if only a few people in a single channel are working on a project.

It’s a small change, but could make it a lot easier to communicate with coworkers within large companies. I can see it being especially useful when different teams who don’t normally work together need to collaborate on a particular project.

To create a new group, simply head to the Team Directory panel and start organizing. The feature is coming to Standard and Plus accounts starting today.

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