Google Drive is down, so everyone act accordingly

Google Drive is down, so everyone act accordingly

I hope you don’t have a deadline to commit to, because Google Drive and Docs are down.

If you try visiting either site, you’ll be met with a really slow interface and a server error. Trying to access files on the cloud will net you a ‘File not found’ message

Unlike when Facebook or Twitter goes down, many people use Docs for actually getting work done. Needless to say, said people are panicking.

The outage started at around 2:30 PM EST; hopefully it won’t last much longer, and we’ll update this post when things are back to normal. If you don’t have any serious work to do, I guess your weekend just started a little early.

Update 4:55PM ET: Service appears to be coming back, although still a little slow. Stay tuned, folks.


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