Digg Dialog is a better comments section for talking with journalists

Digg Dialog is a better comments section for talking with journalists

Digg pivoted from being a Reddit-like service to focusing on curating great content in 2010 and continues to dig up some of the most interesting things from the corners of the internet.

It’s also working on products to enhance that experience, like Digg Reader. Today’s news is that it has a new service, Digg Dialog, for engaging with the creators of your favorite content.

Digg will select ‘exceptional articles’ and invite the journalist (or an expert) to talk with the community. If they accept, a discussion is scheduled and posted on the site’s homepage.


Dialog might remind you of a Reddit AMA, but it’s focused on the creators of articles rather than celebrities at launch — it says that it isn’t intended as catering to people who are promoting something.

It’s designed to feel like a live chat and responses appear in real-time and can be sorted into different views, including Live, ‘Most Dugg’ and Answered, for ease of reading.

Digg Dialog works across web, mobile web and in Digg’s new iOS app. It’s kicking off this Friday with a discussion held by Paul Ford, who recently published this piece on Wikipedia.

Introducing Digg Dialog [Digg]

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