QuizUp launches tools for creating your own trivia categories and questions

QuizUp launches tools for creating your own trivia categories and questions

QuizUp has launched a new Web-based tool that allows players of the trivia game to create their own challenges to share with friends and the wider global QuizUp community.

Announced today, the new ‘My QuizUp’ portal follows a social and community-focused revamp in May this year, which brought a new range of features to the platform. However, until now, players had to make do with categories and questions set by the company.

To set up your own quiz using the new feature, you just need to come up with a title, tagline and a set of questions – there’s no limit to how many a topic can have. You can also create bespoke icons for each topic using the new icon builder.

There’s no fact checking though, so you’ll need to make sure your answers are correct when setting up a quiz. A spokesperson for the company told TNW that creators can set rules for their “community” and that future updates will introduce moderation tools. Topics, posts, users and comments can all be reported if deemed inappropriate.

Creating a Topic (1)

Working hand-in-hand with the social update, once you’ve create a new topic, you can share it via QuizUp or across the usual line up of social platforms.

The company is hoping that the focus on social and the new customization features will continue to drive repeat usage of the game as more content is created and shared. It says that currently, around 7 million games are played each day, and that before the custom topic option launched there were around 750,000 questions across 1,500 topics.

If the new feature is a hit with players, that number is about to go through the roof.


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