Pandora’s new One Day Pass streams ad-free music for 99 cents

Pandora’s new One Day Pass streams ad-free music for 99 cents

Pandora is introducing a neat new payment tier in celebration of its 10th anniversary: You will be able pay 99 cents to play music ad free for a full 24 hours.

One Day Passes will become available on September 10, but they can only be purchased from an Android or iOS device. Once you buy a pass however, you can listen ad-free on any of Pandora’s platforms.

To try it out, open up the Pandora app, go to settings, and then click on ‘Pandora One;’ you’ll then see the option to pay for the pass.

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It may seem like a bad deal at first glance – after all, Pandora One is just $4.99 a month – but I can still see many people using it when hosting events like a barbecue or party. These people might not care about ads normally, but could want a more seamless experience for the occasional get-together. And for Pandora, it might entice more users to sign up for the full ad-free experience as well.

The company is celebrating its 10th anniversary and previewing the new feature by providing ad-free music all day on tomorrow. Head on over to the source link below for more information.

Pandora One Day Pass Available for Purchase Following Company’s Ten-Year Anniversary Celebration, Listener Love Day [Pandora | iOS | Android]

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