Amazon now delivers from restaurants in Seattle

Amazon now delivers from restaurants in Seattle

Amazon is getting into the restaurant delivery business. The company today announced it would begin offering local food deliveries to its customers in Seattle via its Amazon Prime Now service.

To order, you need to use the Prime Now mobile app to browse through menus and place orders, after which you’ll be able to track deliveries in real time. Amazon says the food should be delivered within an hour of purchase.

Deliveries are free for a limited time (no word on how long, or how much it will cost after the initial period is over), and Amazon uses the information stored in your Prime account to pay for the the orders.

It’s currently only available in certain parts of the Seattle area, but you can see if you’re eligible by opening the Prime Now app and entering your zip code. Amazon says it’s working directly with restaurants to offer the delivery program, as this is the first time many of the pilot participants have offered delivery.

It’s an interesting move by the retail giant, as it continues to expand its offerings beyond just general shopping. In addition to its video and music services, Amazon has also recently launched a home services option for hiring local professionals.

Amazon says it plans to expand restaurant delivery to other parts of Seattle “in the coming days,” and we imagine its only a matter of time until it arrives in other regions.

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