Ghost’s blog platform finally got a big design upgrade

Ghost’s blog platform finally got a big design upgrade

Ghost, the blog platform that came out of a Kickstarter after raising £196,000, today got a big visual update for the first time since it launched in 2013.

Today’s release bumps it to version 0.7 and brings a redesigned backend interface, making it easier to navigate your blog’s dashboard and adding a search bar to help find older posts.

The search bar autocompletes posts and suggests authors to search by as well, making it easy to quickly jump to something published a long time ago. You can also edit posts by slapping /edit on the end of the published URL if you spot an error.


The update also makes it much easier to use on mobile and, according to the launch post, adds space for new features in the future.

According to today’s announcement, Ghost is now being used by around 300,000 people after just two years. That’s only a tiny dent in WordPress’ numbers, which has been downloaded 8 million times on just the latest version, but it’s impressive progress for the company.

Ghost 0.7 [Ghost]

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