Report: Uber to begin e-commerce deliveries soon

Report: Uber to begin e-commerce deliveries soon

Uber is taking another step in fulfilling its aims of becoming a true logistics company, according to report on Re/code released today. The ride-sharing behemoth will unveil a new partnership with big retailers and fashion brands as early as this month.

The partnership will reportedly focus on luxury, with Uber sidling up to high-end brands commonly found on New York’s 5th avenue. It has also been in talks with Bigcommerce and Shopify to create easy interfaces for retailers to partner with the company.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Uber has flirted with e-commerce delivery — its UberRUSH program partnered with luxury e-commerce site Gilt Groupe to offer fast delivery in NYC.  But it will be interesting to see whether this new program will specifically delineate itself as a luxury courier service — after all, why shouldn’t your recently-purchased Louis Vuitton bag come straight to you via black car?

This report comes hot on the heels after a similar one indicated that Uber has been inquiring about partnerships with smaller on-demand companies that rely on a driver fleet to deliver their goods. It’s unlikely that these two modes of business are going to overlap — Uber has a penchant for targeting and catering to its high-end audience away from the plebes like me who rely on UberPool to get downtown.

But whether its targeting services considered too swanky to provide delivery or those who rely on the practice to pull in revenue, Uber is clearly trying to capitalize on the worth of its driver fleet outside of picking up and transporting passengers. While Uber continues to provide UberEATS in a handful of places and UberRUSH in New York City, don’t be surprised if it starts to expand its capabilities shortly.

Uber to Unveil Big E-Commerce Delivery Program With Retailers in the Fall [Re/code]

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