Feedly’s new Shared Collections makes your reading list public

Feedly’s new Shared Collections makes your reading list public

If you’re a full-blown online content distribution factory — spreading news links around to nearly every social media outlet you can get your hands on — then you’re likely the perfect candidate for Feedly’s latest Pro feature, ‘Shared Collections.’ Announced today in a blog post, Shared Collections allows you to turn your private reading list into a browsable page that allows others to follow the same sources.

Feedly makes a big gesture about how this tool can be used for collaborative sharing across groups or businesses. This is true — sometimes it’s easy to put together a selection of sources on one page and point a workgroup or department towards them for inspiration.

Feedly says that Shared Collections are completely opt-in, and will not affect users who would prefer to not participate.

Feedly even has a case study as you can see in the video below:

But let’s not kid ourselves: when you’re in the content business, you’re going to want to look like a content leader on every piece of Internet real estate available. Shared Collections allows those folks who are keen on appearing on the forefront of news and inspiring ideas to do so with an unabashed earnestness.

Why do you think Guy Kawasaki is one of the launch examples?


It’s interesting to see Feedly shift into this media-recommendation engine, when that is basically what keeps the lights on at Twitter.

Whether you’re a Feedly Pro or just a free user, these pages are browsable starting today.



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