OneRX helps you find where to get the lowest-priced prescription medication

OneRX helps you find where to get the lowest-priced prescription medication

While most insurance providers offer tools to help you calculate your prescription medication costs, the websites or apps are often poorly designed and difficult to use on the go.

OneRX, a new app for iOS and Android that launched this month, wants to simplify the search by helping you compare prices according to location and offering any coupons to lower overall costs.

You can use OneRX to search by location for prices without insurance or sign up for an account then input your data for cost estimates. When you sign up, you can manually type in your card information or take a photo (although doing it by photo can take up to 24 hours to process, according to the app).

And, well, it’s no wonder why. I tried multiple times to get a photo of my card and this was the result every single time.

On the plus side, I didn't have to manually blur my personal ID numbers.
On the plus side, I didn’t have to manually blur my personal ID numbers.

Since I didn’t want to wait anyways, I typed in my insurance information and looked up various prescription medication costs. The app doesn’t let you specifically choose your insurance company or plan, but simply goes by your RX Bin number and member ID.

Here were the results for various common prescription drugs.

The prices did not vary by much, but it does offer some pharmacy locations I’ve not heard of in my neighborhood. For some brands, OneRX also included a coupon to be used when picking up the prescription.

The cost estimates might not be 100 percent accurate, but for the most part it gives you a pretty good idea of how much you’ll spend out-of-pocket. If your prescription requires a doctor’s approval, you’ll receive a notice stopping you from looking up prices under your insurance coverage (you can still check for prices without insurance, however).

onerx price wrong
Well, that can’t be right

You can also use OneRX to store an e-copy of your insurance ID and save medication names or prescriptions.

The app might not be entirely sexy, but it’s a helpful tool for those looking to save on their medication costs especially while they are traveling. OneRX is available for free today in the US on both iOS and Android.


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