Yoroomie wants to help you find the perfect roommate before you even move

Yoroomie wants to help you find the perfect roommate before you even move

Finding a roommate you get along with often seems like winning a lottery. Instead of leaving it up to chance, Yoroomie wants to make it a vetting process by creating a social forum just for finding someone to split the cable bill with.

The missive is simple; you create a profile, and find a new roommate based on the area you want to live in (which makes it perfect when relocating to a strange new place). If you find someone who seems like a decent fit, all profiles have a chat feature so you can start conversing straight away.

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Yoroomie doesn’t attempt to find you a place to live — you’ll have to take care of that one yourself. If you’ve already got a place and just need someone to fill a vacant room or are looking for someone to split a deposit with, Yoroomie can help.

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Founder Mike Williams says his own search for a roommate left him scouring Craigslist and Facebook, which he felt were inadequate. Feeling there was a need to connect potential cohabitants everywhere, he created Yoroomie.

Yoroomie is strongest in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco, but the team tells us it’s also growing in Asia and Australia. The app is available for free on the Yoroomie website, or on the App Store.

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