This Is My Jam is shutting down next month, but your curated tunes will play on

This Is My Jam

Music curation community This Is My Jam is shuttering its service next month, as the developers are looking to move on to other projects.

The good news: the site will turn into a read-only time capsule that will allow visitors to listen to all the tracks shared by its 200,000+ users. Much of its code will also be open sourced on GitHub and members will able to export their profile data.

This Is My Jam

Co-founders Matthew Ogle and Hannah Donovan explained in a blog post that, in addition to wanting to move on to other projects, it became difficult to keep up with changes to services like YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitter and more that the site depends on.

Over 2 million tracks have been shared over the last four years of This Is My Jam’s existence. When it launched, it focused on careful curation over frequent sharing — and that’s what made it special.

In case you missed trying This Is My Jam during its heyday, you can still play with it until it turns into an archive next month.

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