No more swiping: Now, you should choose one out of two people

No more swiping: Now, you should choose one out of two people

Want to meet new people? Ttrot is a new app that can really help.

Ttrot is all about connecting strangers online. Simply select the gender and the country or city you’re interested in and the app gets to work.

Once you’ve searched, Ttrot shows you two people who match the gender and location you’re interested in. Tap the one you prefer and you can follow each other and enjoy conversations on the public boards within the app. It’s just like relaxing and mingling at a cocktail party with new friends.


Whether you want to make local friends, friends from your neighboring country, or even the friends at the opposite side of the Earth, Ttrot can handle it. If you’re planning to visit somewhere and want to make friends there ahead of time, all you need to do is change the country and city settings.


You can follow up to 140 people, so you’ve got plenty of opportunity to find the perfect person.

Ttrot is available now for Android, and you can also enjoy this service at

Ttrot [Android]

This post is brought to you by Ttrot: make friends before you arrive.

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