Yahoo launches Livetext, its audioless livestreaming app for the GIF generation

Yahoo launches Livetext, its audioless livestreaming app for the GIF generation

Earlier this month, Yahoo quietly launched its video messaging app Livetext in Hong Kong and Taiwan. In a press event today, the company unveiled the app for download in the US, Canada, Germany, France and the UK.

Livetext is Yahoo’s attempt at reviving its Messenger app, this time with a focus around livestreamed video – so much so that not even sound is included in the clips.

It’s Yahoo’s play on audioless GIFs that are often used to react to things on the Web. Yahoo even did a market research with teens to ask them for an experience they’re missing from other messaging apps.

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The videos can only be shared one-to-one, not groups. You can also add text on top of the video to give it context in lieu of sound. Think of it as Skype without sound, allowing you to communicate with friends without disturbing those around you.

The free app doesn’t require you to “call” friends; you can send a video message and you’ll see a notification upon their response. When the conversation is over, the chat history is gone along with the video.

Basically, it’s an easy way for teens to keep distracted in class or for when you’re bored during a work meeting.

With Facebook spinning its Messenger app farther away from its core social network product, it’s strange that Yahoo has instead opt to revamp its messaging platform as a different version of the many apps that are already crowding the market.

Livetext will be available for download on July 30 on the App Store and the Play Store, and only for devices with phone numbers tied to them.

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