Adobe embraces content marketers with its new Digital Publishing Solution app creator

Adobe embraces content marketers with its new Digital Publishing Solution app creator

Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite was synonymous with the era of iPad magazine apps. In the past five years, it was responsible for 6,700 mobile apps that have been downloaded a total of 315 million times.

Now that Apple’s Newsstand is going the way of the digital dodo, and consumer interest in digital periodicals has waned, the software is getting an overhaul to bring it in line with modern demands. And it’s not just about magazines; content marketing budgets are on the rise, leading to an increase in demand for content-focused apps among brands.

Now called Digital Publishing Solution, Adobe’s revamped offering is designed to let publishers and brands create apps that can be updated in a piecemeal fashion without requiring whole app updates, rather than the large, magazine-like, episodic downloads of old.

Adobe Digital Publishing Solution

The new suite allows the creation iOS, Android and Windows desktop apps, and designers can build unique layouts without touching code. They can import fixed-width designs from Adobe InDesign and Microsoft PowerPoint, and responsive layouts created in Adobe’s DreamWeaver and Muse. Data can be imported from popular content management systems like WordPress and Drupal.

Features like user-generated content collections, in-app search and ‘related article’ links are all available. As you’d expect, analytics are on offer, with Adobe having added marketing funnel tracking and cohort analysis for those who appreciate such things.

The rise of content marketing and easy access to audiences means that every company is now a media company, or so the general wisdom of the age goes. With Digital Publishing Solution, Adobe is primed to capitalize on that trend.

Adobe Digital Publishing Solution

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