You can now go from Couch to 5K on Android

You can now go from Couch to 5K on Android

Clear Sky Apps has undergone a makeover recently and rebranded itself to Fitness22.

The developer is best know for its lifestyle and fitness apps like Couch to 5K Runner and Sleep Pillow Sounds, and now it’s releasing them on Android as well.

Android users can download Couch to 5K Runner and Push Ups 0 to 100 now and the company says that soon its entire suite of apps will be there.

Fitness22 has also released four new apps with tailored exercises for women – Great Abs, Great Butt, Great Legs and 7-Minute workout.

Promising quick results, all of the apps requires 10 minutes or less and no additional equipment, which is handy for when you’re travelling or just have a very busy schedule.

 Fitness22 Apps [iOS | Android]

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