No, there isn’t a ‘secret’ middle finger emoji in WhatsApp

No, there isn’t a ‘secret’ middle finger emoji in WhatsApp

I hate to spoil the fun… No, wait, who am I kidding? I love to spoil the fun. I’m the Grinch with a better complexion and a more rigorous grooming routine. So here goes: There isn’t a ‘secret’ middle finger emoji in WhatsApp.

Just call @brokenbottleboy ‘The Grinch’, you know you want to…

I mean, it’s true that buried in the code there’s a folder with emoji that you can’t actually use yet but that doesn’t mean they’re a secret. The ‘middle finger’ emoji was approved in Unicode 7. It’s available in Windows 10.

The likelihood is that it and others (like Spock’s ‘live long and prosper’ gesture) will be opened up in a future update. The fact that a Twitter user found them doesn’t mean they’re a secret, just that they’re not ready yet.

In the meantime, just snap a photo and send your ‘f- you’ that way.

There’s a secret middle finger emoji hidden in WhatsApp on Metro

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