Meet Index: The first tech news source you’re going to read every day

Meet Index: The first tech news source you’re going to read every day

Technology touches every market. Startups pop up in every corner of the world, and tech journalism is on of the most competitive sectors in the media.

Simply put: Tech is hot. And there is so much going on that it’s hard to keep track of everything that happens. Back in the day, reading tech blogs daily made you an expert. Now, the volume of news and articles is so great that even a speed reader couldn’t scan, let alone comprehend it all.

Enter our newest product It uses algorithms and natural language processing to analyse content from hundreds of top sources (including NY Times, TechCrunch, The Verge, Recode, Wall Street Journal Digital, Wired and TNW) and turns it into structured data about the most interesting tech companies.

The homepage is a stream of the biggest stories from today, yesterday and, if you keep scrolling, the last month. It’s a quick and easy way to stay tuned and is accessible without an account.


If you sign up you can customize your stream and follow individual firms (e.g. competitors, portfolio companies) or all companies within a market, city, or country. Index filters for the data points and stories that are relevant to you.

Amsterdam tech companies on Index

Companies can claim and edit their profiles. If you somewhere that Index is not tracking yet you can easily add your organisation and start building your following.

NEST on Index

Index has been privately tested by 7,000 people over the past 4 months. Today it’s going public, graduating from the TNW domain, to its own domain – – and getting its own team.

We’re really excited about Index, its potential and the growing community. We hope it’ll become a destination you visit every day while you’re enjoying your first coffee.

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