Yahoo Mail makes it easier to add photos, videos, GIFs and more to your email

Yahoo Mail makes it easier to add photos, videos, GIFs and more to your email

Yahoo has introduced a new feature to Yahoo Mail that lets you quickly insert images, videos and animated GIFs into your messages.

Announced in a Tumblr post this morning, Yahoo’s new Plus (+) button, located in the right bottom corner of the compose window, lets you access your photo albums, files, links or any other items you want to include in your email without tedious cutting and pasting.

The button launches a  panel opens on the right side of the window displaying four different content types: photos, files, GIFs and Web links.

You can view photos you’ve sent or received in Yahoo Mail, sorted by date or search for photos from the web or Flickr. Files can include documents, presentations or PDFs that you’ve sent or received, or search for a specific file by person or keyword.

Search suggestions for GIFs are included, but you can also do your own search from your favorite sources. A preview for photos and GIFs shows up  when you hover over the image.

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Links can reference a website via a search for, say, a restaurant, hotel, movie. The link will appear in your email alongside a preview. Then, just click or drag and drop to add it to your email.

Yahoo is rolling out this feature to US subscribers over the next few days, so if you do not have it yet, you will soon. While Gmail has for some time let you insert images, emoticons and files from Google Drive into your email, Yahoo’s features are different and more expansive, sporting an updated visual interface.

➤ Add Photos, Files, GIFs and Links to Your Emails with One Click [Yahoo]

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[This story was updated on 7/15 to add additional details and clarifications about the new Yahoo email imaging features as they rolled out to all of Yahoo Mail users.]

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