Periscope for iOS can now block other users’ messages in peace

Periscope for iOS can now block other users’ messages in peace

A new update to livestream app Periscope for iOS now lets you block the crap out of anyone who is bothering you without fear of repercussion, which honestly seems like it should have been in there in the first place.

Periscope update 1.1.12, released yesterday, allows users a little more privacy when blocking a troll who has left nasty messages on a broadcast. Now, when you block someone’s message within a livestream, that message will appear as blocked to you only. This means that when you tap a crappy comment and block that person into oblivion, the message will appear as blocked only to you, and they won’t know they’ve been blocked within the chat stream.

This should, in theory, prevent users from hopping on another account to harass you for banhammering them initially, and hopefully quell the anecdotal experience of broadcasters dealing with abusive viewers.

The app also introduces some helpful housekeeping issues, including a way to get rid of the keyboard without accidentally ending your broadcast, the ability to edit your full name, and a clearer sign-in process.

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