Streaks for Android helps you stick with your habits using Jerry Seinfeld’s productivity trick

Streaks Android

I have no problem getting on a diet, jotting down my thoughts in a journal and generally picking up any healthy new habits — sticking with them, however, proves to be a major challenge. That’s where Streaks comes in.

This habit tracker for Android is ased on comedian Jerry Seinfeld’s ‘don’t break the chain’ productivity method. The idea is to mark every day that successfully complete a task and try to keep the ‘chain’ going for as long as possible.

Streaks Android screens

The app lets you add tasks that you intend to complete daily and asks you if you’ve tackled it at a set time each day. You can also set a reminder to help you get going.

Whether it’s taking regular breaks from your desk, going for a walk or practicing an instrument, using Streaks is a good way to stick to your habits.

The free app lets you add up to five tasks. You can unlock unlimited tasks with a $1.99 in-app purchase ($1 for users in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh).

➤ Streaks [Android via Lifehacker]

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