Tumblr launches Tumblr TV, a full-screen GIF search tool anyone can use

Tumblr launches Tumblr TV, a full-screen GIF search tool anyone can use

Tumblr is launching a new tool to make it easier to look through the myriad of GIFs on its platform.

Called Tumblr TV, it’s a full-screen GIF catalog you can use to browse through some of the most popular images being shared, or search for new ones.

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You can try it out through a few different methods. The simplest way is to just visit Tumblr.com/tv – which works for users without an account as well. That’ll show you a slideshow of trending GIFs by default, but you can find more by using the search bar or by clicking on the tags under the images.


From there, you can pause or move forward and back within the GIF slideshow, search for more images and like or reblog your favorite ones.

Alternatively, you can just use the regular search function and append ‘gif’ or ‘gifs’ to the end your terms. If you want to find cute hedgehogs, for instance, you’d just type ‘hedgehog gifs’.

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You can also limit Tumblr TV to just images from a particular blog or category by modifying the URL – tumblr.com/tv/@staff or tumblr.com/tv/food, for instance.

It’s a neat tool that’s somewhat similar to Giphy, though less powerful for sharing on other platforms. Still, it makes Tumblr’s GIFs more accessible, and more GIFs is always a good thing.

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