KwiltKeys photo keyboard for iOS will help you find and share your images

KwiltKeys photo keyboard for iOS will help you find and share your images

You may remember Kwilt as an aggregator that can hook into almost any online photo storage system and consolidate your entire collection into its app. If you have Kwilt connected to your online photo collections, it’s the only app you need for accessing all your photos at any given time.

Today, company has announced KwiltKeys, a keyboard extension that lets you insert any photo into an email or text message. The new app is still in private beta, but it’s available now for testing.

KwiltKeys lets you share photos directly from a custom iOS keyboard, giving you easy access to all of your photos from any source — Camera Roll, Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox, Flickr, Photobucket, Google+ — up to a dozen photo and social networking platforms — directly from your phone.

This eliminates the need to navigate between keyboards, platforms and apps to locate and share a specific image.


Start by installing the keyboard as you would any other third-party keyboard. Navigating between the default keyboard and KwiltKeys is a familiar experience, and all you need is to tap the map icon to switch among your keyboards.

If you already own Kwilt, you can use the same login. Then choose to filter your search by date, location or photo stream.


Just sort, find the photo, tap it to copy, long press to get the Paste option and select.  You can use the keyboard with iMessage, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and any email app.

The KwiltKeys beta is available on iOS and is coming soon to Android.

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