Netflix is coming to a Marriott hotel near you

Netflix is coming to a Marriott hotel near you

Netflix could be coming to a hotel near you – Marriott today announced a partnership with Netflix to bring its shows straight to your room.

As part of the deal, guests will be able to log into their streaming accounts (or sign up for a new one) at the beginning of a stay using the Netflix app on their rooms’ televisions. Once they check out, they’ll be automatically logged out of their accounts.

Marriott’s starting with just six hotels – New York Marriott East Side, San Jose Marriott, Princeton Marriott, Newport Marriott, Dallas/Fort Worth Marriott Solana, and Bethesda Marriott Suites – but the chain plans to bring Netflix to 100 hotels by the end of the year, with the full rollout across the US completing in 2016.

It’s surprising it’s taken this long for hotels to start partnering with Netflix, as it’s likely many guests simply log into their Netflix accounts to watch shows from their computers instead actually using their TVs. Marriott even cites a report suggesting a “significant majority” of guests using TV apps are opening Netflix.

It works out well for all parties. The hotels get to add another buzzword to their amenities checklist, Netflix potentially gains new subscribers, and guests can use their hotel room’s TVs to watch Daredevil without having to fiddle with an HDMI cable or dongle. We wouldn’t be surprised to see other hotels jumping on Netflix partnerships soon.

Marriott Hotels Becomes First To Offer Netflix On Guest Room Televisions [Marriott via VentureBeat]

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