Cortana adds destination weather updates and online check-in to flight alerts


Microsoft’s personal assistant for Windows Phone, Cortana, just got an update that improves its flight alerts. It’s a lot smarter about getting you on your flight in time, and shows up Siri and Google Now in terms of offering useful information.

Cortana previously tracked flights by scanning your email inbox, but it can now surface all your upcoming travel plans when you say, “Show me my flights”.

Cortana flights

If you’ve got multiple trips planned, say, “Show me my flights to Washington DC in October with United” to view details on specific flights.

Cortana flights

Cortana will also alert you when your flight’s online check-in option becomes available so you can choose the best seats and guides you to the airline’s page to do so with a link.

Cortana flights

The assistant app also can also show you the weather conditions over the next five days at your destination to help you pack appropriate clothing.

Cortana flights

Cortana will also monitor traffic conditions to let you know when to leave for the airport. Once you get there, it will show you a map to help you find a bag drop-off point. And if you’re flying internationally, it will bring up a currency converter for quick calculations.

Cortana flights

You can turn on the new features by heading to Cortana > Cortana’s Notebook > Interests, and tapping Add > Travel > Trip Planner.

Microsoft says that when Windows 10 arrives, Cortana should also be able to hail an Uber cab for you, to get you to the airport on time.

Relax, Cortana makes air travel easier [Bing Blogs]

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