Porn Time takes Popcorn Time torrent app to its natural conclusion

Porn Time takes Popcorn Time torrent app to its natural conclusion

We’ve written about Popcorn Time a fair bit since it emerged last year. The app that brings Netflix-style ease to streaming torrents recently arrived on iOS and was the subject of a somewhat useless ban in the UK.

Now the most obvious fork has finally arrived: Porn Time, Popcorn Time for porn. Our policy at TNW is not to link to illegal streaming services but seeking out the smutty variant is hardly difficult.

Porn Time is spun off from the code behind the current version of Popcorn Time. It’s available for Linux, Windows and OS X, and draws on PornLeech to source its torrents. Its creators say they’re planning on adding new sources soon.


The developers are working on versions for iOS and Android – promised within weeks – with help from the team that brought the (slightly) more mainstream version to mobile.

The project’s code will also be open sourced, not on GitHub, where the creators suspect it would be shut down, but through a GitLab implementation.

It’s worth noting that Porn Time isn’t the first adult-orientated fork of the Popcorn Time project. Another, Popporn Time, adds Brazzers torrents as an option to the otherwise standard Popcorn Time UI.

Having tested Porn Time – for purely journalistic reasons – I can confirm that it works in exactly the same way as the less perve-friendly version, allowing you to browse by category and stream your smut to Chromecast and VLC.

For an adult industry already in the grip of MindGeek, the massive conglomerate that owns practically all the biggest ‘tube’ sites, Porn Time’s arrival will be particularly unwelcome.

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