SoundCloudify is a slick YouTube- and SoundCloud-powered music player for Chrome

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Google Chrome is both my productivity hub and the bane of my existence. I’d gladly switch to something else, but its support for useful extensions makes it an essential part of my workflow.

Even in 2015, I fire up Winamp when I need some music to keep me going at work — I’m old-school like that. For new tracks, I usually head to YouTube or SoundCloud, but thanks to a new Chrome extension, I can tune in without launching a new tab.

SoundCloudify lets you stream music from both those sources in a neat and clean interface. You can search YouTube and SoundCloud simultaneously or check out charts for genres ranging from reggae to trip-hop to start listening. It also pulls in the hottest tracks from r/music on Reddit.

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Credit: TNW

The extension also lets you favorite tracks, create playlists, shuffle tracks, and scrobble your listening history to If you come across a great playlist on YouTube, you can import it into the player by pasting its URL.

SoundCloudify supports keyboard shortcuts to play, pause and skip tracks, displays desktop notifications with album art and syncs your playlists across desktops if you’re logged into Chrome with the same Google account.

For a fan of covers, remixes and live versions, SoundCloudify is just the thing I need to get my daily dose of tuneage. There are several other extensions, including our own Owen Williams’ favourite, Streamus — but this one adds support for SoundCloud and syncs accounts, so it gets my vote.

Developer Anh Trinh has open-sourced the extension over on GitHub and is also working on a Web app.

➤ SoundCloudify [Chrome Web Store]

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