Microsoft’s App Studio now lets anyone make a universal Windows 10 app

Microsoft’s App Studio now lets anyone make a universal Windows 10 app
Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft today announced an update for its Windows App Studio platform that allows anyone to create basic apps: it now works with Windows 10.

The app’s UI has been revamped to match Windows 10’s aesthetic, and it now supports the Universal App Platform Microsoft has touted for its new operating system.

That means the apps will work across phones and desktops alike – responsive design allows them to change their look to best suit the respective hardware. App Studio can still create Windows 8.1 apps too.

Demo of how universal apps can resize
Credit: Windows Blog
Demo of how universal apps can resize

Some other updates include:

  • App Studio no longer requires you to connect to the cloud for Windows Tile updates, which should improve the app’s power efficiency
  • Apps can now tap into Xbox Music to search for artist and album info
  • Bing Maps is now supported for direct embeds
  • A tool called Application Insights provides analytics on your app usage and performance on a dashboard


And though App Studio doesn’t yet allow you to sideload your apps to test on a phone, developers can try it using either the phone emulator or a Visual Studio.

The Windows 10 Store will be open for app submission in the summer. If you want to try your hand at some new apps, head to the Store Beta in the Windows 10 Preview and download App Studio.

Windows App Studio Beta for Windows 10 Insider Preview [Windows 10 Blog]


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