Take a photo, never see it, get a stranger’s photo in return. That’s Mistaken for Android

Take a photo, never see it, get a stranger’s photo in return. That’s Mistaken for Android ...
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Ever wanted to take a picture, but never actually see it? How about seeing a stranger’s picture in return?

Mistaken allows you to take a picture, submit it, and never see it again. In exchange, you will get to see a stranger’s picture that they, in turn, will never see again.

You will download this app

You will take photos

You will never see those photos again

You will see other people’s photos. Maybe

You don’t need an account to use the app. Simply download the app to your Android device and start taking pictures. Each picture you take will show you a stranger’s pick. The app, on Product Hunt today, does not store your pictures or the stranger’s pictures on your phone. When you are given a stranger’s picture, you have the option to share it with others via any sharable method on your phone (i.e. Twitter, email, Instagram, Dropbox, etc.).

Of course, being the curious person that I am, decided to give the app a go to see what pictures strangers were taking.

After taking a few random shots, here are some of the stranger’s pics I got (some of them I rotated). The first one you see is a screenshot of the stranger’s picture in the app, the others I “shared” to my email.



Mistaken_photo (1)


I was surprised at the quality of shots that I received. However, others were not as nice as the above:

Mistaken_photo (3)

Mistaken_photo (4)

It is true, you will never see your pictures again. I searched through my pictures on my phone and sure enough, none of the ones I took were stored anywhere that I could see. So if you want to keep a copy of your own picture, I suggest taking the picture outside of the app, then the same picture again inside the app.

I can see this app being a way to kill time, even possibly with a group of friends. It was great to see different pictures people took time in composing, but not so great seeing some of the random shots (although, I’m sure some of these shots were done just to test the app out).

I also see potential problems with the app, such as NSFW imagery appearing on your phone (one picture that did pop up for me was of a guy’s feet and legs with his pants around his ankles on the toilet). In my opinion, this app could be awesome if people focused on artistic or really neat pictures in exchange for something just as good in return.

The app is currently available only for Android.

Mistaken.co [Android]

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