This quick test shows if your ISP is secretly throttling your internet speeds

This quick test shows if your ISP is secretly throttling your internet speeds

While the Title II classification of ISPs as common carriers was a victory for all, there is growing concern that ISPs could go on with business as usual with clever tricks designed to skirt the rules of the classification.

While knowingly stepping outside the boundaries of the Title II classification carries the possibility of hefty fines and additional regulation by the FCC – for the most part – the average consumer would never realize throttling or degradation was even taking place.

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The ‘Internet Health Test‘ by Battle for the Net is an attempt to install a sense of checks and balances for these ISPs by providing a test for Internet users to ensure their speeds aren’t being throttled or otherwise degraded.

To find out if you are experiencing any ISP-related performance degradation, simply click the link above (or below) to hop on over to the Internet Health Test site and press the “Start the test” button. The test runs in a pop-up window and takes just a couple minutes. You’ll be alerted to any performance degradation upon completion.


Internet Health Test [Battle for the Net]

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