Samsung’s own Continuity feature that lets you sync work across its Android devices is now in beta

Samsung Flow

Samsung is gearing up to take on Apple’s Continuity feature with Flow, which lets users transition their activities across devices. The app is now in public beta and available on Google Play.

Announced last November, Flow enables users to sync their app activity across devices so they can switch between them at any time. So, if you stumble upon an interesting article on your phone, you can begin reading it there and pick up where you left off on your tablet (instead of starting from scratch).

Flow currently works on certain apps that support it, on a handful of Android-based Samsung devices, including Galaxy Alpha, S5, S6, S6 Edge, Tab S and Note 4 and Note Edge. You’ll also need to turn on Bluetooth on your devices and have them in range of each other for Flow to work.

It’s by no means a perfect solution, and I probably won’t ever use it — but Flow’s launch is a sign that Samsung is trying to add an incentive to stick with its smart devices.

However, it’s also working to integrate Tizen OS into its TVs and other appliances, so it’ll be interesting to watch how the company gets all its gadgets talking to each other in the near future.

➤ Samsung Flow Beta [Android]

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