Shuffle lets you protect your phone number and email with disposable aliases

Shuffle lets you protect your phone number and email with disposable aliases

Ever wanted to have a temporary number or email address for when you are dating, selling something online, or for any other purpose? Something that would allow you to keep your personal number or email private?

With our lives increasingly entrenched in the Web, and a lot of business being conducted solely on the Web, we tend to want to keep our personal information more private, but doing that when everything requires a phone number or email address is difficult.

Shuffle aims to protect your sensitive phone number and email address(es) by giving you disposable numbers and emails you can use any time you want to protect your personal contact info.


Shuffle’s competitor, Burner, has been used and loved by many, but doesn’t have support for email addresses like Shuffle does.

This free-to-download but pay-per-use app is clever and definitely solves a problem that some of us who live on the Web tend to suffer from time to time.

There are some great uses for Shuffle, such as using a disposable phone number for dating (you know, in case it doesn’t work out), having a dedicated email address to something you may be selling on Craigslist (so you can ditch it when you’ve sold your item), a phone number you may want to use for business, or even an email address you can use to sign up for things online so that spam doesn’t crowd your personal inbox.

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It’s also great to keep your life separate and organized with separate phone numbers and email addresses for different parts of your life (work, play, family, activities, etc.)

The pricing is pretty straightforward: $1.99 a month per phone number (with auto-renew option). For incoming calls it will cost 1.5 cents per minute; calls you make are 5 cents per minute. Every text message is 1.5 cents. Email addresses will cost you 0.75 cents for every email it forwards.

Shuffle-to-Shuffle activity has lower rates: calls to and from other Shuffle numbers are 1 cent per minute and you can text and receive texts from other Shuffle numbers for free.

The app is only currently available on iOS, with an Android app coming out soon. Available for US and Canada currently.

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