Bad day? SoAwkward lets you read other people’s ‘so awkward’ moments from Twitter

Bad day? SoAwkward lets you read other people’s ‘so awkward’ moments from Twitter

That awkward moment when the app on your iPhone points out awkward moments…

That’s what the new iPhone app SoAwkward aims to do, which made its debut on Product Hunt today. SoAwkward is a fairly new app that sources awkward statements from Twitter that we can all relate to, are often funny, or is a bit uncomfortable. Their description of their app explains it best:

Surprisingly smooth without any of the dull emotions. The quality of the collection is rendered more enticing due to a hint of humour, rich and dark in perception, it delivers complex varietal flavors of happiness and discomfort, with a promise of laughter.


The app works by simply shaking to get a new awkward moment on screen. Tweets are sourced from the terms “awkward moment” and the hashtag #soawkward.

Users can also tap the “meh” face if they didn’t really care for it, or the smile face to store it in the app’s database and shown to others.

The idea came from Eric Benjamin when his friend Andrew Thompson wanted to learn the Swift programming language and asked him for an idea that he could code. They worked out the ideas and even shared a Dribbble shot before sending it to the Apple iTunes Store for approval.


According to Benjamin, “The design challenge was to find a fun way to use the shake gesture — turns out, it’s almost never fun, but we discovered that shake to reveal a new topic was actually really interesting for people.”

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Next time you share your #soawkward moment on Twitter, it could very well make its way into the app for all to read.

You can give the app a try for yourself on your iPhone or iPad through the Apple iTunes store for free.

Image credits: Andrew Thompson, Apple iTunes Store.

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