FiftyThree debuts Think Kit toolset for its Paper iPad app

FiftyThree debuts Think Kit toolset for its Paper iPad app

FiftyThree has launched Think Kit, a set of new tools for its Paper for iPad app that focus on quickly creating presentations and ideas. Think Kit specializes in drawing precise shapes and connectors to create visuals that can be exported to presentation software or shared with colleagues.

Paper already provides instruments like a calligraphy pen, charcoal pencil, marker, ballpoint pen and watercolor brush. The addition of Think Kit augments them with Diagram, Fill and Cut tools letting users create polished-looking charts, diagrams, graphs, flows, wireframes and models.

Think Kit is based on the company’s Intention Engine, a drawing recognition and rendering system that recognizes and corrects dozens of shapes and sketches in real ­time, while preserving a hand-drawn quality.


Think Kit’s Diagram tool is a smart pen that lets you draw objects, straight lines, connectors and arrowheads. Cut, which you can use in auto or manual mode,​ lets you rearrange or move shapes or words around on the screen.


Fill, which also offers a manual and smart mode,​ lets you fill existing shapes with color, or draw new shapes with the color fills.


In addition to exporting work created in Paper to PowerPoint or Keynote, Paper’s new sharing menu lets you open work in Paper in other apps, including Trello, Evernote, Dropbox and more. Export entire journals in PDF or PowerPoint format, or choose individual pages.


Think Kit is available for free when you download Paper and comes as an automatic update for existing Paper users. It can, of course, be used with Pencil, the company’s Bluetooth stylus.

FiftyThree Think Kit

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