Corrello gives project managers powerful dashboards in Trello

Corrello gives project managers powerful dashboards in Trello

With 5 million users as of the fall, Trello has become one of the most popular project management systems. Being a simple and (in most cases) free service, it’s increasingly being picked up by small- and medium-sized teams that didn’t really feel they needed a dedicated tool before.

While for smaller teams with a couple of Trello boards the core functionality is more than enough, managers of more sophisticated ones, especially those working remotely, may struggle to see the big picture.

Enter Corrello, an early example of useful Trello plugins, which provides users with a deep insight into activity across multiple boards. The main idea is to save the managers having to go between each board and click on each card to understand what’s going on in their projects.

“Trello is quietly moving a huge amount of data which was previously stuck in Excel or post-it notes into the cloud,” Corrello founder Robin Warren told TNW. “With Trello making that data accessible via an API I think there will be a good opportunity for developers to build tools on top of that data and for the teams starting to use Trello to start getting more benefit from using a project management tool.”

The main Corrello interface is a dashboard providing a few viewing angles:

  • Work done last week
  • Work in progress, with highlighting for projects that are near or past their due date (or just not moving very fast)
  • An overview of comments across all boards


That data can be broken down for individual users and boards. In addition to that, Corrello provides a general “health check” performance report, which shows how much work is getting done or going overdue each week in comparison to previous weeks.

An extension is free for one-person user and priced at $39 to $199 a month for larger teams, with a 7-day free trial.

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