Mattel is bringing the Magic 8 Ball back to life with new iOS app

Mattel is bringing the Magic 8 Ball back to life with new iOS app

American toy manufacturer Mattel has announced that it will be bringing the retro Magic 8 Ball toy to our phones and wrists later this month with its new app for iOS devices and the Apple Watch.

The Magic 8 Ball’s fortune-telling powers have been optimized so you can ask your phone (or watch) for answers to your pressing questions using voice commands.

And if you are feeling a bit nostalgic, the new app lets you shake your phone the same way you would shake the Magic 8 Ball toy to reveal your answers.

On the Apple Watch, you’ll have to stick with tapping the screen for now, rather than shaking your wrist.

The new app will offer the same cryptic answers as the toy and now you’ll be able to share the moments it get things eerily right or hilariously wrong on social media as well.

If you run out of questions, there’s an optional feature you can select to send you a daily thought-provoking question.

Magic 8 Ball will be available for download for free from April 24.

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