Streamalong helps you discover the best (and worst) of Periscope

Streamalong helps you discover the best (and worst) of Periscope

If you’re tired of seeing the same streams over and over again on Periscope, then Streamalong is worth checking out.

The website is the brainchild of an engineer and designer duo from Artisan Mobile and works to categorize Periscope’s content for ease of search and viewing.

Chris Baglieri, creator of the service, explained on Product Hunt how it is operating in two phases:

“Today we categorize content coming across Twitter’s Streaming API in two phases. Phase one prunes out broadcasts where the potential reach is limited… Phase two slots broadcasts in to channels… There’s substantially more coming with regards to bucketing content, the current approach is merely a first step.”

At the moment there are 12 categories on the site – Animals, Ask Me Anything, Bored, Entertainment, Fashion, Food, Music, News, Sports, Travel, Verified and a section called All Broadcasts.

I clicked on the Animal section expecting to see endless videos of cats, but instead, the first one on the list was ‘Beauty Editor demoing fake eyelash application for the weekend.’

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 17.15.37

I had to scroll quite a bit to find a stream that actually had an animal in it. However, the Sports and News sections were better curated, with relevant content showing up at the top of the list.

While there are other discovery sites out there for Periscope and Meerkat like Lookats and Meerkat Streams, Streamalong is the most coherent and easy to navigate.

By introducing categories and leveraging keywords, it makes it a lot easier to find something you actually want to watch.

Streamalong is only available on the Web at the moment, but you would almost expect it to be developed as a mobile app given the nature of Periscope, so maybe that is something we will see in the future.

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