OftenType for iOS lets you use shortcut buttons for commonly used phrases while typing


Typing on your phone can be a drag, especially when you have to key in names, addresses and other info over and over. A new iOS keyboard aims to make it a cinch to paste text snippets you use often, and it’s actually kind of neat.

OftenType eschews the standard keyboard layout for a row of large customizable buttons with simple icons. You can create a button by choosing an icon and text label for it, and then add a text snippet.

OftenType screens

For example, I’ve got one labeled ’email’ with an envelope icon that’s set to paste in my email address with a single tap.

You can also add multiple text snippets to the same button and choose any of them by long-pressing it to reveal your choices. OftenType also lets you create as many buttons as you like.

The app works as advertised, and certainly helped me save time while sending people my home address, phone number, links to my social profiles and other personal info. Not a bad way to spend a dollar in the App Store, while it’s half price.

➤ OftenType [iOS]

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