JotterPad is the writing app for creatives

JotterPad is the writing app for creatives

The word processor hasn’t changed since we abandoned pen and paper. But, one thing that has changed since the heady days of Windows 95 is our lives. We’re an easily distracted bunch. Heck, according to new research, our attention spans can barely focus on one thing for 10 seconds without embarking on our own Odyssey through social media notifications.

Enter JotterPad. This super simple text editor for Android devices is designed to make the process of writing a little more focused. It’s been stripped of any bells and whistles leaving you with a clean, easy-on-the-eye look. But don’t be fooled. Under the hood there’s a whole host of features, but only if you need them.


The typefaces chosen for the app have been hand-picked to make them easier on-the-eye, as well as readable across all devices. If you’re feeling particularly creative, you can import any custom typeface of your own into JotterPad.

There’s a specially designed Night mode to make working late into the evening less headache inducing, and the cursor will always remain in the center of the screen no matter what part of your document you’re in. So no more disappearing text below the page break.

There’s a built-in dictionary, thesaurus and even a rhyming dictionary, in case you’re thinking about a sideline in poetry. Once you’re finished, you can export straight to Dropbox into PDF, RTF, HTML, plain text or even a good ol’ fashioned DOCX file.


And the best part? It’s free to use for any amateur wordsmiths or students. For the more wordy among you, the upgrade only costs $5.50 and unlocks a barrel load of features without strangling your ability to focus.

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This post is brought to you by JotterPad.  JotterPad is an Android text editor that incorporates essential features such as undo, redo, night mode, find phrase, typewriter scrolling and snapshots.